Soak Infusions are made with Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salts, and French grey mineral salt. Add a handful of these salts to your bath to infuse the water with minerals, and your body with relaxation. These salts will make you break away from the rush. The perfect way to end a hard day of work. 

We use a blend of rose petals, lavender petals, and calendula petals to add momentum to your bath. 

ingredients: Rose geranium, coconut, honey, or cherry essential oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, pink Himalayan bath salts, Dead Sea salts, French grey sea salt. Rose, calendula, lavender petals, goats milk 


Coconut: reduce inflammation while maintaining extreme moisture. Coconut also contains fatty acids with antimicrobial properties that treat acne and sensitive skin.

French grey sea salt: This salt is all-natural, unrefined, and cherished for its unique color, high trace mineral content and texture which make it perfect for aromatherapy, bath salts, bath teas and more!

Rose petals: It is said that ancient Greeks and Romans used rose petals to perfume their baths.The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture in the skin. This results in your skin feeling smooth and soft. The sugars in rose petals especially benefit those with sensitive skin.

Goat’s Milk: contains vitamins A, B6, B12, and E, as well as A2 beta-casein which assists in the re-hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. Goat’s Milk is the only milk with naturally occurring fatty acids that help to balance pH levels and moisturize skin, particularly with dry skin.Ideal for use in soaps, milk baths and lotions, Goat’s milk is also a highly-effective emollient, and has been used for centuries to help naturally soothe and moisturize skin while promoting gentle skin cell exfoliation.