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Agrandir ReCharge Cleansing pads
Agrandir Cleansing pads - beautybar.mtl
Agrandir Cleansing pads - beautybar.mtl

ReCharge Cleansing pads

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ReCharge Cleansing Pads are wireless, powerful and eco-conscious. Cleansing pads are perfect to clean your skin in a way your hands can’t. Removing dirt and debris from the body, leaving it glowing and healthier. These cleansing pads are powered by a sound wave generator and self standing, giving you the flexibility of use without disturbing your daily routine. With an easy to use push button, simply press on the pad to start, and then glide it across the face, letting the sonic waves penetrate deep into the skin to give you that clear healthy look. The unique design forms perfectly to each persons hand

ReCharge Cleansing pads



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Our Mission

Driven by a passion for beauty, Moonskyn started as a local beauty salon offering a range of high quality beauty services and treatments for women. Our purpose was to help women take care of their skin & their body in the most natural & effective ways. We soon realized that a healthy & efficient beauty routine for the modern women needs simplicity & consistency. We wanted to help our clients take the in-salon experience home with a professional beauty routine that drives results & is easy to implement in a day-to-day modern lifestyle. Our new natural skincare line for all skin types launched to give women an affordable & simple way to make their skincare a priority.



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